Terms and conditions

Purchase a service and pay online

The receipt will be sent after your payment, in addition it should be known:

By completing your order from www.efzin.org you also accept the following conditions:

Purchase instructions

After completing the payment you will be sent the corresponding voucher if it is a gift card together with the receipt from My data

The confirmation email is not an official form of receipt, but is sent to you officially by the My data application

There is a possibility that you will be asked to send the payment receipt for this and you should have a copy of the payment in your possession.

Refund Instructions

In the case of cancellation of a session without a serious reason and without being replaced by another person, a charge of €20

In case of non-attendance without notification, the full amount will be charged to the next session

In case of late arrival, the end time does not change and is paid in full

In case of transfer of the session without a serious reason with notification less than one hour before its start, €10 charge

In case of cancellation of the session 48 - 24 hours before its start, 50% of the amount is refunded or a Voucher is given with the full amount valid until the end of the current year of issue.

Cancellation of a session up to two days before the start of the session, refund of the entire amount, with the customer assuming all charges, or a Voucher with the full amount is given, valid until the end of the current year of issue

In all the above cases, the prices and charges are different depending on the frequency

Thank you very much for your trust!

You will be notified when the receipt has been sent with the confirmation of payment.

In case you have any question, don't hesitate to contact us.