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Participation in the 2nd congress recent advances in sports injuries
Participation in the 2nd congress recent advances in sports injuries

Konstantinos Vaitsaras IPHM Therapist with a Diploma in Pathology, Physiology and Anatomy specializing in natural medical and complementary therapies, Diploma in Football Medicine FIFA, WST Aquatherapist, Sports therapist and recently certified as a CBD consultant with the distinctive title CCBDC™. .

He has created EY ZIN based in Skiathos and additionally serves in Trikala and Volos by appointment!

He is an ERC instructor in BLS / AED first aid with continuous training in the first aid.

The need for better communication with his clients prompted him to successfully finish the psychology for all program from the University of the North Aegean.

He has been trained in Applied Ayurvedic Special Techniques by renowned doctors of the Ashtanga Vaidyam Ayurveda Ayurvedic center and hospital.

His hobby for geology made him specialize in Geology / Geotourism and recently fix the new technologies in Finance and Blockchain !

He is officially globally recognized for his professionalism and holds the title of IPHM after his surname by International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine

He is a member of the International Association of Alternative Medicine, a member of the World Massage Federation and the Panhellenic Association of Massage Professionals and Alternative Therapists

He is a Member of the Greek Secretariat of Homeopathy

He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Red Cross P.T. Volos and a volunteer of the Health Sector at the Hellenic Red Cross / volunteer trainer where he has participated in sports events such as international tennis tournaments, volleyball and now in the Super League matches as well as in extraordinary situations where it has status

His knowledge and continuous education about sports injuries has him approaching the needs of athletes with alternative ways of dealing with them and his help is important and proven every time!

He has cooperated with the soccer team of A.O. Skiathos for the needs of the soccer players in the matches and trainings as well as the analysis of the GPS tracking systems of Playertek as in other sports according to their needs.

He is a Supporter/sponsor of the Amilla Trikala volleyball team that competes in the A2 National Division of Hellenic Voleyball Federation with continuous support of the team and the athletes and now also taking over the match statistics but above all he promotes the health of athletes by offering his services and knowledge.

Also sponsor of Filodoxos AS Trikala Table Tennis

The volunteer of the Hellenic Guiding Organization with 20 years of participation in the educational programs with full training for the Troop rangers (MO) as well as in the last years of his term he was the Secretary of the Real Estate Management Department of the Central Administration.

He participated in the 1st Panhellenic Congress of Traditional Greek Folk Medicine as a speaker on the topic of Hot Springs Bath Therapy from past to today with great success

Also at the 1st Congress Recent advances in Sports Injuries in 2019 and the 2nd Congress Recent advances in Sports Injuries in 2023 as an observer.

For more information you can contact by phone and by message at 6983319644, by email info@efzin.org feel free to visit the website www.efzin.org and on social media: Facebook profile: Konstantinos Vaitsaras, Facebook Fun page: Ef Zin Therapies Tcm - Massage Skiathos, Instagram: The_Therapist_Vaitsaras & Efzin_lifestyle, Tiktok: The_Therapist_Vaitsaras


Professionalism and service are the strong points and in combination with the vast knowledge and good mood the experience becomes health and a habit!

Manos A.

I am grateful, thank you! Excellent scientist, well qualified in his field, structured personality. He serves science and people with respect, love and honesty. He is the scientist who inspires you to trust him 100%

Konstantinos I.

Excellent professional. Amazing massage with very nice techniques and many options for all needs. I will definitely prefer him again 

Sofia G.