By book the session with us, you are assured that we adhere to the following four principles as well

We care about your health

Regular control - Evaluation

You can contact us for any need that arises and concerns you with confidentiality and care at +306983319644 and info@efzin.org

  • Scheduling sessions
  • Continuous communication - cooperation
  • Get detailed history
  • By assessing the situation

Best Quality

The quality of the services and materials we use is indisputable based on international safety and hygiene standards.

  • They have not been tested on animals
  • Session materials suitable for VEGAN
  • Cleaning materials safe for the environment

Session Treatments

At each session there will be feedback of the resulting information as well as during the first session a comprehensive history will be taken

  • And to be informed about changes in appointments and conditions
  • You must arrive on time
  • Maximum duration 90 minutes
  • The session has a minimum duration of 15 minutes


Critical thinking always helps to approach a situation with the client, that's why we distinguish ourselves in the services and knowledge we have

  • Encouraging discipline and determination
  • Honesty and generosity of spirit
  • For the Logic of a situation and self-awareness

Frequent questions

1. What should I know before the session?

Before the start of a session, you must take a shower and abstain from food and coffee for at least 2 hours. Come in clothes that you have worn only for your attendance! If you have opinions and tests related to health issues, it would be good to have them with you or in a clear photo. The use of a mask is not mandatory, but for the protection of everyone we recommend that you wear,

2. When I come what do we do?

As long as the history and discussion have preceded, you will be asked to undress the therapist will leave the room so that you have time to do this and lie down depending on the type of session he will tell you how to lie down and place on the your body the towel or towels you will find on the bed.

(If you feel uncomfortable with undressing, there is the possibility of an onsite massage where its duration is 15 minutes and is done over the clothes on the neck, back and arms.) In the case of a full body massage, you will be given a special disposable underwear

3. What should I know during the session?

During a session you may fall asleep! Don't worry as it is completely normal and not at all misunderstanding.

It would be good if you have any physical urge to let the therapist know so you can go to the bathroom and feel comfortable

During a session it would be good to relax and not discuss unnecessary things as the body as well as the brain receives self-healing information, unless you have questions about the session or the therapist chooses to ask you some things.

You can ask the therapist to increase or decrease the pressure. But there are cases where the pressure should be great and deep enough in this case you should breathe as calmly as possible at a constant rate and not hold your breath as this way the desired result cannot be achieved

4. What should I expect after the session?

After the session is over the therapist will leave to give you the time you need to get up and get dressed.

If you feel any discomfort ask him to stay with you so that you can be given the required attention and time

You may be asked some clarifying questions about the session where you are asked to answer, for example, if you felt comfortable, etc. information about the experience of the session.

You should schedule the next session as it is very important to know before your next appointment.

After the session you should rest and drink a cup of tea and not coffee or a heavy meal, also if you want to take a shower it should be of moderate temperature

It is normal to feel a little tight or sore after the session as well as to have a runny nose or constipation or even frequent urination.

5.Are there cases of interruption or failure to start a session? 

5.1.There is the possibility of stopping or not starting the service provided by the therapist and not refunding money in the following cases: inappropriate behavior, heavy consumption of alcohol, drugs, fungal infections, inflammatory diseases, contagious skin diseases, febrile conditions, diarrhea, vomiting, bad smell, lack of cleanliness on the part of the customer

5.2. In the event that the customer follows medication, he must have a form certified by his doctor for the treatment he is following and the reason for it.

5.3. The client should have in writing any medication - treatment that follows, from the attending physician together with the physician's written consent to start sessions and any observations in the following cases:

cancer, tumors, AIDS, hepatitis, communicable and venereal diseases, bipolar disorder, depression, etc. psychiatric and psychological disorders, former drug user undergoing treatment, epilepsy, pacemaker or implantable defibrillator, transplant, additional organs, history of heart attack, history of stroke, severe phlebitis, fractures, rheumatoid arthritis, advanced osteoporosis, flu, bronchitis, fever, recent surgery or tooth extraction, high or low blood pressure, clotting problems, communicable diseases, undiagnosed pain, diabetes, andrological or gynecological infections, allergies, G6PD enzyme deficiency. In the event that the patient conceals medication he is receiving or a health issue mentioned above or not, the possibility of stopping the treatment and immediately expelling the client is given.

5.4. Women who are pregnant should have an approval form from the doctor monitoring the pregnancy along with a contact number and instructions

5.5. Women who are menstruating will be able to have a session with us up to two days before it starts and two days after the last day

5.6. People who have had gastroenteritis should refrain from sessions 3-5 days after the start of normal bowel movements,

5.7. Our main concern is the cooperation with the Doctors of our country and with cooperating doctors, as it follows from medical ethics, only the patient's treating doctor makes an opinion, for this reason, before each session, it is necessary to present an opinion by a doctor with a signature, stamp and contact phone number, in case the necessary documents are not available, the session program will not start.