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A little tribute we can pay to people over 65 who play an important role in our lives, our lives, in our nation but also we are in life themselves.

Encyclopedic mention that the global day older adopted on October 1 of each year since 1990 as reported by the UN and WHO aims to recognize the contribution of the Elderly in the community.

Actually we all ask ourselves, how many times we sought the company of his grandfather or grandmother from babies up to older giatroporefsoun us or give us pocket money, but also in helping to not eat much punishment from our parents?

We cried when they separated from our life, and we said so long. In several cases sudden loss assume the role of parent. Are the people who will always think of us buying a gift would not be ashamed to put it in a prominent place to see even if we did not like.

The old turntable or cassette deck grandfather is a modern element to the decor of our home. They are the people who will run to take the drugs for us to go to market even though we need not.

With their experience and knowledge to awaken our own ideas, put them in order. All this and more are innumerable offer daily to us their children and grandchildren with compassion and wisdom. And if sometimes make mistakes, do not forget who trained us grew us and how they helped to stand on our feet that despite the mistakes we made and continue many times. Closing today give them a sweet kiss and if you do not have a candle to the Virgin to have them well ..

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