What do nails show about our health?


A very interesting article from www.ba-bamail.com shows our nails and what problems we may face.

In the first case, he states that the white lines indicate a problem in the liver and kidneys.

In the second case, where the nail makes a large curve as shown in the picture, the problems refer to the lungs, cardiovascular problems, liver, colon, and in some cases HIV,

  • In the third case, it is the case with horizontal intense lesions on the nail where the lack of zinc in the body, diabetes and blood vessel thrombosis is highlighted.
  • In the fourth case in the form of the nail upwards and with severe lesions, the eclipse of the organism in metals and trace elements is evident.
  • Finally in the fifth case where the nail is white and on the edge makes a reddish brown line the problems are cardiovascular problems, diabetes and HIV

see the picture

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