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I realize we all like the situation the country finds itself and the whole world lately and really live difficult and not just unprecedented times and it's time to be together and to keep distances as we stay HOUSE Simultaneously But I see and read there are cases that have derailed contributing to stress and the distortion of the truth, but mainly to demand this season for their personal benefit and not the community.

I read and accept several messages addressed professions paramedical or alternative nature or as lawfully called (how out properly will you analyze below) epitethentas to the professionals who rightfully have studied in IEK private colleges etc. schools legally possess work their fulfilling all the duties and requirements of the state, such as alternative therapists, massage therapists, etc. where most currently suffer economically because of the limitations that exist but Mr. j movements.

Many throughout this period to called for help and discussing the existing situation but mostly if I work, if I offer my services.

With a keen eye and our slogan as we start << Your Health We Care >> trying these days to serve Telephone and under the rules governing their state laws and restrictions talk with truths.

The following information will quote us the correct address before speaking, first of all our critics really are few and know who and the world laughs with what deals each, and professionals working in the field of Alternative Therapies and associations or bodies or federations unfortunately not meet the expectations paying members since they do not give any information and no defense of our profession.


1 the truth. The Services Alternative Therapies - EF ZIN - Konstantinos Vaitsaras

Whose main SMRs 869 019 Other services relating to human health nec and wherein affected by the spreading of coronavirus and need support

(The relevant link of the Ministry of Finance)


2 the truth. The Services Alternative Therapies - EF ZIN - Konstantinos Vaitsaras

by CAR 869 019 Other services relating to human health nec and where affected by the spread of coronavirus NOT be on the list of stores closed from 03.18.2020.

(The relevant link of the Ministry of Finance)


3 the truth. NOT serve always with good instructions and precautionary measures, with full knowledge of the situation and the possibility of being a carrier of the virus a symptomatic client, be spread and following the instructions state.

4 the truth. The posts we publish on social media and fueled by our official website www.efzin.org, is filtered and recorded by prestigious professors and bibliographies can each refer.

5 the truth. Alternative therapies where falling techniques performed as chiropractic, massage, herbal medicine, AYURVEDA, Traditional and complementary medicine, etc. have name, by the end of 2019, the World Organization in WHO GLOBAL REPORT ON TRADITIONAL AND COMPLEMETARY MEDICINE 2019 report, recognized as only reference to alternative therapies provided, which in greek translates as TRADITIONAL AND COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE.

I am in favor of a debate and find solutions without offend anyone either posts or Video but mainly naive movements that cause more confusion, which is why we reserve all legal rights.

I would also like to inform you that I will always be beside you with activities and services that promote health but rather the good that can each provide the community with any act or activity.

It is worth to mention that the first year of Service, I offer pro bono or at minimal cost my services to people lacking the basic subsistence resources, free consultations to athletes and associations where our agreement was not to be mentioned as volunteering is dumb but mostly silent, in any form, from the Beginning of 2020 know in our post that part of the revenue from the sessions will be offered at the year end in the Ark of the World, and many others would not like to mention.

Finally this year I think and listen ways bottlenecking of this whole situation just passed the crisis in which we live, and already organized and will be announced soon.

I hope that each one knowing the truth and the true meaning of support, will have the love and gentle movement to offer to any one who will first of all necessary cooperation and then support the local market.

Yours sincerely

Konstantinos Vaitsaras


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