The real cause of pain - How the spine is connected to all organs! Article on skiathoslife.gr


Have you noticed that often the problems of the spine causes pain in completely different parts of the body or even stomach hurts the genitals or paw?
Then you start to treat other diseases, but do not see improvement.
That is why, it is necessary to pay special attention to the spine and to contact your doctor.
In the picture above you will see how the organs attached to the vertebral column.
Some examples of
vision problems, ringing in the ears, difficulty in swallowing food - all these can be caused by a dysfunction of the neck.
Check the part of your spine neck every time you experience numbness in the hands and pain.
Problems of the spine can result in pain in the stomach, intestine and heart.
Problems with the lumbar part of your spine can affect not only the pain in the lower back, but may manifest pain in the thigh, hip genitals and this can affect walking, altering the sensitivity of the feet.
Therefore, the strengthening and alternative treatment of the spine will help you get rid of problems with other organs.
The text is informative and does not replace medical advice,
visit your doctor to get the right directions and we are here to support you with complementary and alternative medical treatments.

Yours sincerely

Constantine Vaitsaras
Alternative Therapist specializing in natural , medical and complementary therapies.