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The impending donation in Skiathos, posted the necessary information collected from the National Blood Center and you present them,

donation process

The idea to offer blood can thrill you, but do not have to worry -after the highly skilled nurses / behavior shows us- will ensure that this 20-minute experience to be as pleasant as possible.

Before going to give blood, took care of the following:

  • Make sure the the donor meets the acceptance criteria and do not apply to you any of the exclusion criteria.
  • Do you eat a light meal 3-4 hours before you give blood.
  • The day you give blood to get plenty of fluids both before and after donating.

What just get the donation:

  • Once arrived in the waiting room should fill in the questionnaire the donor
  • This is complemented each time you give blood.
  • After you check your hemoglobin (with a small prick on the finger).
  • Then, we will check the pressure and your beats. You may need to asked about some things related to your medical history
  • If all is well, you will pass the blood sampling room where you start giving blood.
  • During the donation will lie in the special chairs, and chill for 10 minutes. At this time will give about 450 ml blood is not even half liter. Only it will have managed to save three lives. It is amazing!
  • After the donation should not hurry. We will offer you toast, cheeses and orange juice. We must be sure that you feel completely well before you leave.
  • We'll see again in 90 days!

Things to do after donation

  • Chill and drink plenty of fluids. Liquids will help to replace the volume of blood lost. Good are the rest of the day to drink plenty of fluids (no alcohol)
  • Keep the bandage on your arm clean and dry for a while.
  • If the bandage on your arm bleed, raised his hand up and pushed with force to stop the blood.
  • Avoid to lift heavy objects by hand for giving blood donation day.
  • If you feel weak or dizzy, lie down on your back and lifted your feet.
  • If a slight pain worries at hand for giving blood bruise or see at this point, but do not worry contact us and ask to speak to the responsible physician.

Blood replacement procedure

Your body will replace the plasma (the liquid component of blood) within 24 hours. The red blood cells will take three to four days to repair, while the iron will be compensated within six to eight weeks.

If you have further questions about the whole process, visit the page with frequently asked questions or contact us.

When not allowed to aimodotiseis

Despite the best intentions can not have, unfortunately there are situations that do not allow you to give blood for some time. Read about them before visiting any donation and make sure that it does not apply any of that.

You could not give blood if:

  • You not meet the basic criteria for donation
  • you have not eat anything three hours before -Four aimodotiseis
  • you have an infection (even a simple cold!) - need to be free of symptoms; at least 7 days
  • if you take some antiviotika- have to wait at least one week after finishing treatment
  • You had a major surgery in the last six months
  • You have scheduled a surgery within the next six weeks
  • you are pregnant or have their births previous three months
  • Breastfeed your baby
  • You have visited a malaria area ..................
  • He had sexual intercourse in the last six months with someone who does not know well
  • You suspect that you might have stuck a sexually transmitted disease such as AIDS or syphilis
  • if you know that you got stuck a sexually transmitted disease such as AIDS or syphilis
  • You get treatment with antibiotics or have another serious illness. To please the discussions with the manager of the blood donation or contact us.

Your honest answers is CRITICAL importance !!!

The National Blood Center and all blood banks have an obligation towards transfuse patients to provide safe blood and blood products. For this reason it is vital to be honest with us before you give blood. We have no mood to underestimate or to offend. We just want the best for both donors and for patients.

If you have doubts or questions, discussed with some of the staff at the nearest to you donation or contact us.

More Information: https://ekea.gr/

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