Stimulating Herbs for Men and Improving Sexual Ability.


The problem of erection becomes an obsessive idea and experiences severe depression and excessive anxiety.

Erectile dysfunction or disability is the repeated inability of a man to achieve or maintain the penis hardness required for sexual intercourse.

Theoretically all men are entitled to experience a transient episode of erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives, at any age. However, due to its short duration, this episode does not have a significant impact on her subsequent sexual activity. But the problem is especially serious in a significant proportion of men, especially those over the age of forty. In these individuals, the disorder is permanent and has important consequences, both on a psychological level and in relationships with the other sex.

Anatomical capacity is due to anatomical complaints or lesions, such as short stature, or various tumors that can cause painful conditions or bone buildup of the cavernous bodies, and even the absence of a penis from injury or injury.

There is also hereditary disability that results from hereditary syphilis or chronic alcoholism. Also, sexual metamorphosis can also cause sexual impotence, that is to say, a man who suddenly begins to think that he has acquired a female body.

The main and very big cause of impotence is impotence due to neurasthenia and psychoses. These people are cut off from the environment and stop having sex.

Of the organic causes, the main cause of impotence is diabetes mellitus, arteriosclerosis, also from spinal cord diseases or from abuse of toxic drugs, such as heroin, etc.

  • The sudden loss of too much weight by a large diet can affect sexual behavior.
  • Too much smoking causes atherosclerosis and causes impotence. Those who drink can also experience similar problems
  • Another serious cause is taking antihypertensive drugs or B block drugs and abusing sedatives.
  • In psychogenic impotence there are nocturnal erections, impotence is intermittent and medical tests (Papaverine-Dopler test etc.) are normal.
  • Psychogenic erectile dysfunction is mainly due to performance anxiety or the fear of losing an erection. It usually occurs in the first contacts of a new relationship or in young people who begin their sex lives. Many married couples who have an extramarital affair while having an erectile dysfunction with their extramarital partner have a complete and complete sexual relationship with their spouse.
  • This is because they are familiar with the spouse and feel comfortable with her, while they feel uncomfortable with the new partner and strive to show that they are capable and able to satisfy.
  • Sexual impotence is a condition that needs to be treated by a doctor. It is a condition that can be treated effectively. The patient should have no hesitation or shame in referring to specialists in order to be cured of being deprived of one of life's most valuable goods.


With regard to disability caused by psychogenic causes, it can be treated with behavioral therapy, which has a 50-60% success rate.

Where impotence is due to the use of a medicinal product or a medicinal product, the use of the substance should be discontinued and the medicinal product should be replaced after consultation with the physician. When impotence is either psychogenic or pathological does not improve, different treatment methods may be used.


Today we are happy and very pleased to be involved in the herbal sector, because we have given joy to many men who have had erectile dysfunction problems and have managed to change his life. People are skeptical when they hear about herbs, but our research has shown that herbs are incredibly effective in erectile dysfunction and disability in general.

The results of our research exceeded our expectations and we are therefore sharing these results. 

Of course, each case is specific and requires special treatment and possibly a special combination of herbs.

We are at your disposal to provide you with the information you need and to help you personally.

To help the scientific community, we list four herbs among the many we have used that are well worth knowing.

These herbs are Suma Root (Hebante eriantha), Yohinbe (Pausirystalia yohinbe), Maca (Lepidium mejynii) and Epimedium (Epimedium Versicolor).

Suma Root (Hebante eriantha) The use of Suma Root leads to increased cardiopulmonary function and muscle hypertrophy. It has been used for centuries in Latin American countries to heal wounds, balance blood sugar, strengthen muscles, relieve chronic pain and inflammation, increase libido and stimulate blood circulation. It contains 152 healthful elements and 19 amino acids. It is used to stimulate the immune system and mobilize the body to cope with depression, fatigue, chronic fatigue and lack of energy, helping the body regain its overall well-being.

Suma root is used by many athletes worldwide to enhance their performance without the side effects of anabolic drugs. It is also called the "Russian Secret" after it was used by Russian athletes at the Olympic Games to strengthen their muscles and increase their endurance in a natural way.

Doctors and herbalists in North and Latin America, as well as in the countries of northern Europe, prescribe the root of Suma in cases such as chronic pain, sexual coldness, low energy levels and hormonal disorders. It can be used as an aphrodisiac, restoring sexual function in men and women.

Studies have been done on the effect of root on diseases such as chronic fatigue syndrome, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, bacterial infections and type II diabetes.

It is used to fight menopausal symptoms, hormonal disorders (especially estrogen) and premenstrual syndrome, in benign prostatic hyperplasia and peptic ulcers.

Maca (Lepidium mejynii) Maca is one of the oldest cultivated species. It is believed to have been first cultivated 2000 years ago in the San Blas region of Central Peru. The maca is cultivated above 3,500 meters in poor rocky soil. The root can be found in a variety of colors such as yellow, cream, red, purple, gray, blue, black or green.

In the Zunin region of Peru, Maca is consumed in large quantities because it is readily available and is a source of high nutritional value. It is eaten fresh with meat, and can be cooked in underground ovens with hot stones around called pachamancas or dried boiled in milk to become a porridge.

Maca is also known for its use in a sweet drink called "maca chica" while the dried root can become flour for baking.

Maca is a natural aphrodisiac and many claim to have powerful properties that help fertility.

Local traditions indicate that Maca increases fertility in herds and in rural areas given as a cure for couples fighting capture.

Research has shown that Maca has a positive effect on the areas of the body that produce the hormones and active substances, which are due to increased or decreased libido.

Whereas, thanks to its high concentration of protein and vital nutrients it is recommended for the treatment of sexual disorder. The high nutritional value of dried MACA root, similar to cereal grains such as wheat and rice has led many athletes around the world to choose it in their diet as it helps to restore adrenalin-producing adrenaline and increase adrenaline levels. Testosterone, a major source of energy.

According to the legend of Tawantinsuyo, the Inca warriors ate a Maca root before going to war to increase their energy and vitality, but they were forbidden to eat after conquering a city in order to protect women from the powerful of. Maca was valued by the conquerors as high as gold and traded with traditional coins.

Maca is said to increase energy levels. In Central Peru, villagers eat large quantities of fresh Maca daily, which can keep the villagers energized enough to complete both their agricultural activities and their marital obligations.

Yohinbe (Pausirystalia yohinbe) It is an evergreen tree native to West Africa, Nigeria, Cameroon and Congo. This plant has psychotropic action and is widely used as a herbal aphrodisiac.

The bark of the tree contains active compounds called alkaloids. The main alkaloid of the plant is nohimbine. Nohimbine is used as a medicine in the United States to treat erectile dysfunction.

Extracts from the bark of the plant are also sold in Europe and America as dietary supplements.

Modern scientific studies have been carried out to determine whether nohimbine actually helps with erectile dysfunction problems that are traditionally used in Africa.

Its action is due to the fact that it causes relaxation and dilation of the blood vessels of the penis, resulting in increased blood flow and erection. It is also being scientifically considered to stimulate areas of the brain that are involved in sexual desire.

In addition, nohimbine has been found to facilitate lipolysis by increasing the release of noreponephrine in adipocytes and blocking the action of alpha - 2 receptors that inhibit and act on lipolysis.

Herbs are and should be treated as medicines, so medical attention is always required.

Epimedium (Epimedium Versicolor) In England it is called Horny Goat Weed, which means "Herb of the Barbados Tractor" and is cultivated in several parts of Asia and Europe for ornamental purposes and is an endemic medicinal plant in South China where it is used as an aphrodisiac and aphrodisiac. combating erectile dysfunction.

According to research conducted in laboratories in the western countries, epimedium contains the substance Ikarin which fight erectile dysfunction.

They argue that there is serious evidence that epimedium works similarly to Viagra, without the side effects (hot flashes, headaches, etc.).

Preliminary animal studies indicate that part of the effects it gives may be due to its ability to stimulate endocrine secretions that stimulate and enhance male characteristics.

The root promotes the formation of semen, which contributes significantly to the improvement of male sexual function as a whole.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the herb is administered to both sexes. Men, in addition to erectile dysfunction, are given increased sperm count and greater erotic satisfaction, while women are usually given the fight against fatigue and hypertension after menopause.


  1. The text is informative in nature and does not replace medical advice, as the use of herbs is always the responsibility of the individual who uses the herbs without informing their doctor.
  2. Visit your doctor for the right guidance and we are here to support you with alternative complementary and medical treatments.