Sports Massage


Athletic massage is applied to athletes and people with increased physical activity in order to restore the muscular system to the optimal condition as before, to speed up recovery and relieve the pain of stress.

In Sports Massage, stretching is also applied in combination with massage where the receiver can choose between intense, medium and mild friction.

When the sport. massage is applied before training (warm-up) or before the race.

  • It raises the local temperature of the soft tissues and prepares the muscles for maximum muscle performance, activating the muscle metabolism.
  • It helps prevent muscle injuries as it improves muscle elasticity and the function of the protective reflex.
  • Increases nerve conduction for better neuromuscular assembly.

When massage is done in the recovery phase it has a positive effect because:

  • Restores normal muscle strain that developed during training.
  • It discharges and reduces the athlete's muscular system to relaxation levels.

In order for the massage to bring the expected results, it must be perfectly adapted to the level of the athlete and the type of sport. So, for example, the approach of the swimmer (sensitive skin) is completely different from that of the football player.

Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions.

It is certainly a necessary tool for the performance athlete and an important aid in any sports activity of all sports.

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