Sports Massage


Sports massage is applied to athletes and individuals with increased physical activity to restore the muscular system to the optimal state as before, speeding up recovery and relieving the pain of strain. 

When the sports massage is applied prior to training (preheating) or before the competition pre-competitive brings the following beneficial effects: 

  • It increases the local temperature of the soft particles and prepares the muscles for maximum muscle performance, activating the muscle metabolism. 
  • Helps prevent muscle injuries by improving the muscular elasticity and function of the protective reflex. 
  • Increases nerve conduction for better neuromuscular junction. 

When the kneading is at the stage of recovery, it has a positive effect because:

  • It restores physiological limits to any muscular strain developed during training. 
  • It discharges and reduces the athlete's muscular system to levels of relaxation

In order for the massage to bring the expected results, it must be perfectly adapted to the level of the athlete and to the type of sport. 

Thus, for example, the swimmer's (sensitive skin) approach is quite different from that of the footballer. When sporting massage is properly applied, it can maximize the results of the sporting effort. 

Surely it is a necessary tool for the performance athlete and an important aid to every sports activity of all sports.Άνοιγμα στη 

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