Spastic Colitis - Can Homeopathy Solve?


Did you suddenly find that your skirt or pants didn't fit you? Do you often feel the need to loosen your belt to relieve yourself? Do you often suffer from bloating and bloating of the abdomen that often comes without eating anything? If so, you are probably suffering from spastic colitis or irritable bowel syndrome, as this condition is called. Spastic colitis is the most common digestive tract disease in the western world and afflicts millions of people and in particular women.  Although it is a benign condition, as long as any other bowel disease is excluded by laboratory and clinical tests, it adversely affects the quality of life of the sufferer. The main symptom is sudden bloating of the abdomen, which is almost always accompanied by pain and often relieved by gas expulsion. These symptoms are usually accompanied by disorders of the bladder, either in the form of constipation, in the form of diarrhea or even diarrhea with constipation can alternate. Typical is the worsening of symptoms with any distress or anxiety. 

The patient usually receives antidiarrheal or laxative medications for diarrhea or constipation respectively, spasmolytic pain medications, probiotics for intestinal flora care, but again relief is transient and discomfort returns. Most of the time he can't enjoy the food, since the symptoms force him to avoid a plethora of foods that make them worse. 

Research shows that stress and stress are the main cause of the problem, while stress is exacerbated by everyone. Chronic uncontrollable stress, excessive stress, fatigue and the absence of rest in difficult times can affect the body's immune system and promote the generation and maintenance of spastic colitis. 

Homeopathic medicine, on the one hand, mobilizes the body's defensive system and on the other hand balances the psycho-intellect of man, thereby providing substantial help in the treatment of spastic colitis.

Homeopathic treatment is, in fact, completely harmless to the body, because homeopathic medicine operates under the law of minimum doses, so it is manufactured from medicinal natural substances in high dilutions and is very effective without any side effects. One of the many clinical trials that have been done internationally and have proven the efficacy of homeopathic treatment in spastic colitis has been carried out in Greece by the medical team of the Institute of Homeopathic Medicine Research and Applications (INEOI). The results of the study showed that the symptoms of people taking homeopathic medicines decreased by 50-60% in the first half of treatment and by 80-95% in the second half, compared to the control group not taking homeopathic medicines. The incidence of spastic colitis has decreased by 80%. Research has shown that the results were maintained for a long time after the end of homeopathic treatment, during which patients continued to be monitored systematically. Spastic colitis belongs to a group of psychosomatic diseases that are directly affected by stress and anxiety.

Homeopathic remedy helps restore psychosomatic balance and neutralize symptoms without side effects. 

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