Our biorhythms


There are indeed some days of ups and downs in every person's life.

Responsible for these transitions are biorhythms, which can be perceived as real biological clocks, whose interaction regulates basic functions.

Biospheres are divided into species depending on the situation they affect:

Physical. This biorhythm lasts 23 days and is considered the dominant biorhythm of men. It regulates physical reactions, strength, endurance, sexuality, physical condition, metabolism, the ability to recover from illness.

Emotional Emotional. With a periodicity of 28 days, it is considered the dominant biorhythm of women. It affects and controls emotions and feelings, emotions, psychological mood, sensitivity, sexuality, imagination, nerves, reactions, creativity.

Intellectual. This Biorhythm, which lasts an average of 33 days, affects our mental state by controlling the clarity of mind, logic, mental reaction and readiness, thinking, determination, making logical conclusions, memory, ambition.

Intuitive. With 38 days of periodicity, it determines the functions that touch the realm of instinct.

Biorhythms each form a separate, independent curve. It is clear that our best moments are when the curves are at high levels, while the opposite is true for the low levels of the cycles and on the days when the sign changes.

Transitional Days: These are the days when the curve of each biorhythm is located a) in the middle b) upper and c) lower point of the circle. These are our so-called "bad" days. This occurs when the biorhythm reaches its highest or lowest point in its cycle, is zeroed or converted from positive to negative and vice versa.

If we don't know our good times, if we ignore the days when the effects are negative, we probably miss important opportunities.

We need to know that transitional days and negative cycles are also important and necessary in our lives. For example, when our mental cycle is low, our intuition is at its zenith. During the triple low cycle (when the three cycles are simultaneously at negative levels) our consciousness is not very demanding, and so more free space is left for our subconscious to move and act. It is one of the best times to communicate with the deepest, it is up to us to concentrate and take our stigma.

Contrary to many people's expectations, in the case of the triple positive cycle (when all three cycles are at the same time positive), we become very irritable and hurried, developing over-confidence, which can lead us to catastrophic mistakes.

If we control our dynamic periods, if we know the moments of depression and fatigue and if we anticipate our biorhythms, we direct our lives properly, we become active, patient and masters of our emotional, physical, and mental state.

Calculating biorhythm cycles simply requires your date of birth, where you can contact us.