Osteitis of the pubic symphysis


Osteoarthritis of the pubic symphysis is divided into primary and secondary. The etiology of the disease is often difficult to determine. It is usually secondary to aseptic inflammatory process, successive minor injuries to the area, or after inguinal hernia surgery. Possible treatment of the urological, genital and digestive systems should also be ruled out. It can rarely be due to trapping of the iliac nerve. Osteoarthritis of the pubic symphysis in athletes is usually secondary and is due to curable causes. If the patient complains of persistent pain over the pubic symphysis rather than exercise-related pain, the primary osteoarthritis of the pubic symphysis is more likely.

In the assessment, patients with secondary osteoarthritis of the pubic symphysis are purely sensitive to pubic symphysis, while in those suffering from primary osteoarthritis the sensitivity is more extensive. Although sports can worsen the discomfort, in some cases primary osteoarthritis there is a remission of the discomfort with exercise.