Intra-articular diseases of the inguinal region


In cases of pain in the groin area, the possibility of an intra-articular disease of the hip should be considered. The most common diseases of the hip are:

1. Hymenitis of the hip

2. Free bodies of the hip joint from congenital or abrupt injury

3. Septic hip arthritis

4. Hip osteoarthritis

5. Osteonecrosis of the hip

6. Hypertrophic cartilage

7. Rupture of labial cartilage

Rupture of the labial cartilage usually occurs in excessive bending or abduction of the hip and is quite common in karate athletes. The athlete who has suffered a ruptured cartilage reports a painful click in the groin. The pain extends to the buttocks. It is also possible to complain of a tingling sensation in the hip joint. Magnetic resonance imaging and hip arthroscopy are the most useful diagnostic tools.