Iliotibial Band Syndrome


In this syndrome, the iliac crest is crushed in the major trochanter and usually at the same time there is aseptic inflammation. The rabbit tape is a large flat tendon structure, which starts at the anterior iliac crest and ends at the outer tibia.

Runners and cyclists, whose activities include repetitive bending of the hips and knees, usually suffer from this syndrome. The pain is located at the level of the greater trochanter and radiates to the outer surface of the thigh and down to the knee. Patients complain of a feeling of dislocation of the hip, bounce or noise even in simple walking. The detected sensitivity at the height of the major trochanter is the safest clinical point for diagnosing the disease. It is also possible to cause pain when turning the hip due to the rolling of the rabbit tape in the major trochanter. Waking up from a squatting position can cause pain as well as a feeling of bounce. In fact, any movement that shrinks the tapeworm can cause pain.It should also be borne in mind that the sensitivity of the area of ​​the major trochanter may be derived from diseases of the OMSS.