Headaches, There is treatment


What is ;

Headaches are the most common neurological disease. They come mainly from vascular and muscular mechanisms. A migraine headache is also a vascular mechanism of headache. There are also tension-type headaches and pharmacogenic headaches. There are also headaches that occur as a result of some inflammation or high blood pressure.

This condition has many causes of production and challenge. So very often it appears as a result of a bad psychological mood but also intense and uncontrollable stress. Various types of headaches are: migraines, neck pain, trigeminal neuralgia, recurrent sinus infections, tension headaches.

The enemy of women!

About 30% of headaches are migraines, which occur twice as often in women. Both menstruation with intense and frequent hormonal changes, and the whole psycho-mental status of women, is a fertile source of headaches.

In Greece, about 30 out of 100 Greeks have a headache. In the rest of Europe and the United States, the recorded rate is about 40% to 80%.

Headache & Migraines

Headaches and migraines are described by patients as the worst pains, as the intensity of the pain and its frequency are exaggerated, making their daily lives almost unbearable. A severe headache or migraine also affects other parts of the body such as the eyes and neck. At the same time, the psychology of the individual is affected as his quality of life is disturbed. The patient is inevitably forced to resort to multiple repeated uses of painkillers in order to silence the pain for a while. However, frequent use of painkillers does not radically eliminate the problem. Today, for the treatment of headaches, other methods of treatment are applied at the same time, with the possibility to help more effective and mainly causal,making the person find his lost self-concentration and his orderly daily life.

The help of homeopathy!

Homeopathy is a comprehensive medical method consisting of a diagnostic and therapeutic part. Through the acquisition of a complete history of both physical and mental well-being, an individualized treatment is formed that gives definitive and natural solutions for the individual. Experiences of patients who have benefited from homeopathic medicine characterize their life completely differently both in terms of physical pain and in the renewal of their psychology.

This natural and gentle treatment method can and does strengthen all the systems of the body, gradually improving that it bothers him and is suitable for headaches.

Why homeopathy?

Homeopathy approaches the person holistically. It treats headaches as a pathogen that threatens the body on a daily basis. But it doesn't just stay there! It also takes an active part in the psychological part that is inextricably linked to the physical. In other words, it acts causally and eliminates the cause, both physical and psychological, and not only the symptom, in order to solve the problem permanently, so that soon the headaches are a distant and forgotten problem.