Cupping treatment


Suction massage is a technique in which suction cups are used as auxiliary to massage.

From the older years, from Hippocrates to the present, the use of suction cups has been used for therapeutic purposes. The suction treatment method was based on the creation of a force locally on the skin, the negative pressure absorbing force. This force is intended to bring the blood to the surface locally by suction cups.

The main purpose of suction cups is to increase the circulation of blood to eliminate toxins and harmful substances from the body. They also reduce edema significantly, reduce muscle aches because they disperse the lactic acid that is concentrated in the muscles, reduce cellulite and help with colds. In addition to these indications, suction cups are used as a therapeutic agent in other problems, such as dysmenorrhea, rheumatic and chronic pain. You should always be informed by the specialist therapist about the contraindications of each technique.

Before the therapist begins the suction massage technique, the therapist must apply a coat of oil on the skin surface and then apply the suction cups. Thus, the therapist will be able to move the suction cups to various parts of the body without removing them from the skin.

This technique does not cause pain, but it does create the feeling of pull due to the absorbent force. It is very likely that after the end of treatment some bruises from the puff will develop. If you have this symptom do not worry, it is perfectly reasonable and disappear after a few days.

It is a safe method of treatment that has endured over time