Belly Massage


One in three people has a problem with their gut.
So if you belong to the category of people suffering from constipation, try the most natural and easy way before you run at the pharmacy: massage!
Belly and colon massage alleviates constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and abdominal pain, increasing mobility.
It is a therapeutic massage that starts with the receiver being in a supine or a pre-emptive position and the pressures - manipulations performed by the therapist aim at desensitizing the painful, blocked area that will be found after proper assessment.
The technique used supports the process of re-colonization of the colon and generally of the pelvic region and the abdomen as well as energy rejuvenation and activation!
It aims at the elimination of toxins, the neuromuscular discharge of the area and the elimination of negative energy. In this way, the body is freed from the loads and leads to self-healing.
Helps and often cure diseases such as: female fertility problems, period pains, indigestion, esophageal reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, anorexia, swelling, stomachache etc.Άμεση κλήση

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