With the method of Hydrotherapy, the patient benefits from the natural properties of the water as well as the industrial one that you create in the water such as gravity, pressure, resistance and other functions, bringing fast and safe positive results.

According to studies, immersion in water offers relief from pain and convulsions, promotes a feeling of relaxation and well-being, increases blood circulation and respiration.

The method of hydrotherapy, based on the principles of international classification of functionality, health and disability (ICF), improves the patient in terms of participation, activity and functionality. The mental adjustment of the patient to the water, his gradual autonomy, the increase of his mobility in a safe environment and the little physical support for the activation of his muscles are some of the answers why to choose Hydrotherapy.

Through Water Specific Therapy and the Instructions that the Therapist has received and trained, he will support you in whatever you need.

It can also work as a team in a friendly and accessible environment.

You can also choose hydrotherapy to strengthen you and even relax you.

Konstantinos Vaitsaras, a graduate of hydrotherapy, is fully trained and specialized to provide you with all the required information and to organize a safe and personalized hydrotherapy. 

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