A 30-year-old man tells her that homeopathy helped him


A 30 year old man PAINFEAL, GASTROSOFAGIC REINSTRUCTION (GOP), PANIC SEASONS, BLOOD BREAKING HYPHONE, I have experienced major problems with my homeopathic and diabetic group in 2007. I experience headaches, gastroesophageal reflux and I couldn't sleep. When I was 19 years old suffering panic attacks that I couldn't control, I couldn't hear about Cancer and AIDS and couldn't function. I visited a psychiatrist and suggested either chemical drugs, or psychotherapy, or both. I was never good with chemistry, so I preferred to do psychotherapy. While I was close to the doctor everything was fine, but I still had phobias about everything, such as becoming a homosexual while I liked women and so at times the situation recurred. With homeopathy I solved all my psychosomatic problems. Now I feel great, I'm very happy, I have few ups and downs, I'm very good and now I tune in to the best and when I really want something, then it happens to me. All this was taught to me by Mr Diamantides' medical team. 

I also got over with the homeopathy and hemorrhoids that bothered me, the sleep apnea and without a good diet I sleep very well and am very well, no relation to before. Within three months of homeopathy I got on very well with family problems I had, now I am a different person and I give way to anger and have calmed down a lot. I have largely solved my health problems and my lifestyle has changed. I buy homeopathic remedies and homeopathic medicines from my neighborhood pharmacy and recommend all over the world to start homeopathy and give himself the best health he could ever have. 


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