• before the session you must have a shower and wear clean clothes .without touching other people.
  • you must wear a mask gloves
  • before the session your temperature must be taken 3 times in case of fever the session will be cancelled although the customer must pay the money for the missed session.
  • antiseptic sprays will be provided
  • while tailking to each other we must keep a 1.5m distance .
  • in caseyou want to sneeze or coughdo it in your elbow and wash your hands right away.
  • the use of airconditioning is not permitted while ιonisers are allowed.thev windows must be opened to get fresh air.

cases of stopping/cancelling a treatment and payback

  1. keeping secret being infected by covid 19
  2. refusal to fill in the online questionnaire
  3. your refusal not to be taken your temperature 3 times before the session
  4. in case of cancelling a session 30 min before it,the customer must pay for it to the next session.


we would like to inform you that we enforce the rules of personal protection and hygiene,such as:the use of mask,proper ventilation and disinfection of the room and all the tools used with uv radiation considering personal hygiene,

Present document is provided with a personal electronic print on our data base used as your signature.

In case of any problem call us on 0030.6983319644

Thank you for spending time reading it since your safety and health care is our priority

Yours faithfully 

kostantinos vaitsaras