Personal Data Management Statement

Please fill in your details as it is in your ID or Passport

I allow the services of alternative therapies - EV ZIN - of Konstantinos Vaitsaras alternative therapist, by phone 6983319644, email: vaitsaras.k@gmail.com, Business address: Periferiakos - Papadiamantis Shopping Center Stavroula 2nd Floor , ID ΑΝ 868235 , TAX NUMBER 130457352 VAT STATE: Nea Ionia Magnesia, date of birth 20-05-1985 and place of birth Volos, to:

Receive the information I mentioned above for communication

To manage my data for fifty years

Manage and modify and update my data whenever needed and whenever I change it

The information that I will give as a health history is exclusively my own and is accompanied by all the necessary accompanying documents such as medical reports, examinations and I allow a copy of files to be kept in this file.

The results of the treatments and the notes are also given in writing which is coded and unrecognizable by third parties such as:

What happened during the session, Session notes, Session remarks, Suggestions for improvement

Also in clear writing it will be

Session start time, Session end time, Session date, Session cost, Customer code

My somatometric form with all the necessary notes for the optimal image of the sessions that I will follow and have followed.

I also allow this form to be used in possible medical research, book writing to mention the following elements:

Session notes, Session remarks, Improvement suggestions, Sheet, Age

Use of media

Photos and videos

The therapist is given the opportunity to capture in a video photo the session or part of my body for research, for the improvement of the treatments that I follow after I have received a copy of the photo.

Social media

It is possible to publish audiovisual files on the official social media pages of the company - GOOD LIVING ALTERNATIVE TREATMENT SERVICES - if I have received a copy of audiovisual material such as photo, video, etc. and published on social media with reference to the posts that will be posted.


Explanations and updates

I am given the opportunity to explain the analysis of the notes mentioned by the therapist only on a personal level. In case I accompany a minor, the explanations are given to me and not to the minor.

The information mentioned is not given to third parties nor is it mentioned by the therapist and by me - herself - a.

In case the minor under the age of 15 becomes 16 years old, the present card is transferred to the file and with the same customer code you create a new card when cards are available.

Disclosure of Personal Data

At the authority of personal data protection following a prosecutor's order.

It is possible to disclose my personal information about the national health insurance and any other public service if a prosecutor's order has preceded.

The ability to share my personal data with another therapist is only through contact information and not session history analysis.


The following forms contain the personal data of the signer and are: Health History Form, Session History Analysis, Somatometric Form, Spine Analysis, Correspondence of SS with systems and instruments

Personal data security measures:

Each customer and his data are protected by the respective provider on behalf of EV ZIN and Konstantinos Vaitsaras are not responsible for information leakage.

The customer code is different and is usually accompanied by his personal phone and his signature id.

All these forms with my data are stored and protected in an electronic box with a code in a protected folder and in a special online database without access to third parties, except to me upon request. This form is co-signed by the client (parent and guardian) and the therapist, along with the full name, date and photo of the client.

In the case of an Electronic Request, acceptance is made automatically upon submission of the Form

Upon completion of your order from www.efzin.org you accept the following terms:

Purchasing instructions

After the payment is completed, the corresponding coupon will be sent to you together with the receipt from My data

The confirmation email is not an official receipt form, but is sent to you officially by the My data application

You may be asked to send proof of payment for this and you should have a copy of the payment in your possession.

In case of purchasing a Gift Card, the gift card will be sent to you electronically to the information you have stated at the point of shipment to a different address to be sent to the recipient.

Money Back Instructions

In case of cancellation up to 24 hours or shortly before, no refund will be given.

In case of cancellation more than 24 hours before the return is made at 50% with a charge of the customer the cost of transfer and refund.

* Changes to this form have been made and are valid from 20/02/2020

This statement is considered valid from the moment you fill in by the customer-equal and return (electronically or in print) with a stamp and signature from the company