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Home visit 

There is the possibility of a home-based visit after communication

Ability to work with athletes and sports team

Do you have a Sports Team or are you an athlete and need T & C treatiment services?Contact us ! 
Allowing a group discount.

Advanced Homeopathy 

We are at your disposal to work together to improve, maintain and enhance the quality of your organization with Advanced Homeopathy. 

First Aid

It is given the possibility of voluntary first aid services in sporting competitions, cultural events and elsewhere. 


VIP 1 Services

With a long experience in celebrity management, see the possibilities and information you can offer to exceptional guests of your accommodation

Friendly environment 

With us you will be able to relax Creating a clean, friendly and highly confidential environment as our expertise in alternative therapy services is unique and pioneering 

Same day appointment

Do you feel caught or want to relax?
Do not be late! 
Contact us immediately to find the best time for you


Possibility of saving money through the benefits program 

Couples and families 

Are you a couple or a family? We have a fantastic offer for you 

3 friends 

Are you a beautiful group of three friends? Then we have a fantastic offer for you 


Does your man have a celebration, a birthday, an anniversary? Make it your unique Massage Gift and then we make you a surprise offer.