The most common injuries to the hip, pelvis and groin are usually fractures. They are more common in sports with physical contact and usually involve the area of ​​the greater trochanter, the iliac crest and the perineum. Severe bleeding and hematoma are rare. The pain is deep without obvious external elements. A few days later a large subcutaneous...

Athletes may have fractures of the pelvic ring as well as the hip. Most often they are the detachment fractures of the pelvis and concern:

The adductor muscles of the hip are the adductor muscles (long, large, short), the sternum, the thin and the major gluteus. Although syndromes have been described for each of these muscles, it is often difficult to pinpoint the exact source of the problem.

In a society that glorifies perfect appearance and material wealth, it is not surprising that many people develop feelings of inadequacy, anxiety and depression. The false standards often created by advertising companies have eroded our self-esteem by making our panic, fear, obsession and coercion the first mechanisms to deal with the difficulties...

1. The technique of entertainment
The primary element of social control, the technique of entertainment, consists in turning the public's attention away from major problems and mutations decided by the political and economic elites, with an uninterrupted storm of fun and insignificant details.
The technique of entertainment is also necessary to...

1. Leave people who share only complaints, problems, disastrous stories, fear and criticism to others. If someone is looking for a trash can to throw away their trash, look not to be you!

In Chinese philosophy, yin & yang are the concepts used to describe seemingly opposing forces that are in fact complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the physical world, intertwined, and an inseparable whole. Yin is the dark side, the feminine energy, the negativity, the moon, the west, the north, the right. Yang the bright side, the...



Iridology is a prognostic science and a qualitative method of assessing the state and function of the organic systems that make up the human body, which provides useful information, beneficial for the prevention of human health. Iridology uses iridoscopy, that is, the photographing of the iris of the eye with a special camera, and iridanalysis,...

Our biorhythms


There are indeed some days of ups and downs in every person's life.