The back muscles of the thigh are three, and in other four researchers: the biceps femur with the long and short head, the semicircular and the semicircular. These muscles, in addition to the short head, extend from the hip to the lower hip thigh, where the biceps tendon is outward, the semicircular and the semicircular inward.

"Another year is slowly coming to an end as the days come when we will meet our loved ones at festive moments of joy and love.

We will continue this week's post-holiday detox guidelines, focusing on fruits.
Many fruits have been heard about in the process of a diet. There are also diets that exclude them (protein), allegedly containing a lot of natural sugar, others that ban some such as banana due to increased calories and glycemic index, as well as fruit detoxification...

Every day our body is exposed to thousands of chemicals , either from the environment (ultraviolet radiation, infection, passive smoking and sudden changes in temperature), or through our diet (alcohol, preservatives, sugar, hydrogenated fats and antibiotics in meat). fruits and vegetables).

Dr Emil Vodder was the first to attempt, in the 1930s, to use lymphatic drainage with his hands to treat chronic sinusitis, with excellent results. This success later led him to try the same technique in other chronic diseases with edema symptoms, as well as in the treatment of superficial skin scars.

Suction massage is a technique in which suction cups are used as auxiliary to massage.

An ankle sprain is called the traumatic rupture (cross-section) of various joints of the joint, but without fracture to the bones. Sometimes, however, an ankle sprain coexists with a bone fracture, so it is a minor traumatic injury. The word "sprain" is ancient Greek, derived from the verb "twist" (by + twist = twist, distort). In modern Greek, the...

Epondilitis is a common, annoying, but completely harmless elbow disorder. Conservative massage therapy, homeopathy, ointments and patience help to cope with the annoying symptoms ...