About two hundred and fifty thousand people in Greece suffer from psoriasis and face a number of problems. A predominant problem is the fact that most are unaware that psoriasis is not contagious resulting in significant psychosocial burden on sufferers.

Vitamin A


Vitamin A, also known as retinol, is a fat-soluble vitamin and is an essential nutrient for humans. It is taken purely as vitamin A from foods of animal origin but also as provitamin A (β-carotene or other carotenoids) from foods of plant origin. THE

This syndrome was first described by Youngman in 1928. It consists in the progressive pressure of the sciatic nerve by the apioid muscle. The pressure is exerted on the nerve outlet by the submandibular foramen and is usually associated with an acute buttock injury. The pain follows the path of the sciatic nerve. Sitting can be painful, and...

This is caused by various extraarticular or intra-articular causes.

The lagonopsis is the most powerful flexor of the hip and consists of the pelvis and the scapula, which attach to the minor trochanter with a common pulmonary tendon. The most common sites of sensation of noise and friction of the lagoon are in the iliac crest and in the minor trochanter.

In this syndrome, the iliac crest is crushed in the major trochanter and usually at the same time there is aseptic inflammation. The rabbit tape is a large flat tendon structure, which starts at the anterior iliac crest and ends at the outer tibia.

Osteoarthritis of the pubic symphysis is divided into primary and secondary. The etiology of the disease is often difficult to determine. It is usually secondary to aseptic inflammatory process, successive minor injuries to the area, or after inguinal hernia surgery. Possible treatment of the urological, genital and digestive systems should also be...