Pinda Sweda


Pinda sweda herbal pouch massage treatment has excellent results in relaxing and stimulating the muscular system. The pinda sweda treatment offers calm from the herbs and essential oils used in the pouches that touch your body.

Shiro Abhyanga


Shiro Abhyanga consists of two words: Shiro (head) and Abhyanga (massage), essentially meaning a complete massage of the head, neck and shoulders using Ayurvedic vegetable oils. These are the areas that are most affected by stress, which is why Shiro Abhyanga is beneficial in reducing pain and stress in these areas.



Udwarthanam is a therapeutic massage that also helps in weight loss

Karna pooranam


Karna Pooranam is an ancient Ayurvedic remedy for all ear ailments, using warm Ayurvedic vegetable or medicinal oils. Karna pooranam treatment offers effective relief to patients with all kinds of ear diseases as well as certain headache and neck conditions.



Nasya treatment is a type of Panchakarma treatment for body cleansing used in Ayurvedic medicine. The administration of special oils through the nasal cavity is called nasya, nāvana, kasy nasya, etc. is synonymous with nasya.

The ayurvedic massage abhyangamm , which is a gentle, yet powerful massage that is applied to the entire body from head to toes and where especially tepid therapeutic oils are used, chosen as the prakriti (psychophysical temperament) of the individual disease or the problem.

Oily massage


Oily massage combines specific forms of pressure all over the body with the fingers, elbows and forearms.

The mix art massage is a dance of the senses as the body follows the music and the receiver enjoys the feeling of a massage that applies to all the senses and all the techniques trained therapist Constantine Vaitsaras.

One of the oldest massage methods, as you follow the line of the four couples of Hippocrates. What makes it different from other types of massage is the constant flow of massage in the places that in ancient times were referred to as couples and help in several diseases, mainly the detoxification of the body and the spirit.

Sports Massage


Athletic massage is applied to athletes and people with increased physical activity in order to restore the muscular system to the optimal condition as before, to speed up recovery and relieve the pain of stress.