What is homeopathy?
What is homeopathy?
  • is the cure that works effectively by curing the cause of your health problem without side effects
  • is the therapy that mobilizes the powerful defense systems of your body so that he can control the condition against the disease agent
  • is the therapeutic approach where the homeopathic doctor deals with you as much as necessary to solve your health problem and your psychological support
  • is a doctor-patient relationship, in which mutual respect and constructive cooperation are fully ensured
  • is the therapeutic process in which you do not waste time and money because it covers you both diagnostic and therapeutic
  • is the hope for a better tomorrow, since it contributes to your health, your psycho-mental and physical balance, and your release from the bonds of illness by addressing the preferences of your organism.

The Temperament

  • Every person is unique.
  • Every person has its own particularities.
  • Every person is unique.
  • This uniqueness makes him experience pain, the symptoms of a disease, emotions, creative activity or well-being, in his own unique way. This requires a specific approach to explore its peculiarities. This requires separate treatment so that it is not flattened and assimilated into a set of standardized treatments that do not represent it. That is why it needs separate help, which responds to its own particular needs. For this he needs his own unique drug that will mobilize and strengthen his own unique and unique body.
  • That is why homeopathy is needed.

How much;
How much;
  • Homeopathic medicine is comparatively cheaper than the corresponding allopathic, chemical drug. It is even cheaper because the therapeutic effect in many cases comes faster and lasts longer or is permanent. The cost of the homeopathic medicine is specific and uniform for the whole of Greece, following a price list of pharmaceutical works issued by the Ministry of Commerce in cooperation with the Panhellenic Pharmaceutical Association.
  • In this sense, homeopathic medicine is state-controlled, and every homeopathic patient can ask his pharmacist for the price list to do the same.

Heals with self-immolation?

  • The therapeutic effect of homeopathy is due to the strong therapeutic power of homeopathic medicine. Today with homeopathy, animals are treated. Homeopathic veterinary medicine is also being developed in our country where it is represented by the Pan-Hellenic Veterinary Homeopathic Society (EHIC).
  • Animals definitely can not complain because they do not even know they are taking medicine. Homeopathy also treats newborn babies who can not self-erect as well as people who are comatose and do not understand the environment or taking medicine.
  • The myth of self-implantation in homeopathy treatment has come down with the results of homeopathic veterinary medicine. Let's remember that in the veterinary thousands of animals, they are cured with homeopathic medicines every day. This is another great social contribution of homeopathy that saves large livestock units of productive animals without chemicals that would affect humans by entering into its food chain.

Does it have side effects?

  • Homeopathic medicine has absolutely no side effect because it is given high dilutions and acts almost like the vaccine boosting the body's defense system. No homeopathic remedy has ever been withdrawn due to side effects or undesirable effects, as is often the case with common chemical drugs.
  • The homeopathic remedy is safe for pregnancy and is administered without fear during the pregnancy.

Do I have to cut off chemical drugs before starting homeopathy?

  • No. Never under any circumstances should you cut or lower your chemical drugs before homeopathic treatment. Surely you're eager to get good and cut off the chemicals. No one wants to take chemical drugs and when it does it is due to the need that causes the illness. Your doctor responsible for cutting off your chemicals is your doctor. For this reason, especially when you have chronic problems and you take chemicals for a long time, the doctor who has given you to cut them off progressively will improve your homeopathic treatment.