Our Facilities

Treatments and Massage Skiathos

The duration, type and materials of the session are carefully selected according to your needs and the price is adjusted accordingly. In addition, you have the option of having it done at our place or at home, in a villa, hotel and yacht. You can choose between:15' or 30' minutes session

  • 45' minutes session
  • 60' minutes session
  • 90 minutes session

Advanced Homeopathy

In cooperation with leading doctors and pharmacists we are pleased to offer you advanced homeopathy in which mutual respect and constructive cooperation are fully ensured.

  • Continuous feedback
  • Suitable for VEGAN
  • Homeopathy without side effects

First Aid - Sports Support

Knowledge and experience in emergency and first aid is of the utmost importance and we can offer you our services in sports teams, clubs

  • Injury prevention update and emergency support and bandaging (Kinesiotape etc)
  • First aid where needed
  • As acting doctor for the sporting obligations of your clubs


The treated person benefits Holistically from the natural properties of the water, the biochemistry you create, such as gravity, pressure, resistance & other receptive functions, quickly and safely bringing about positive results. You can choose : 

  • Personal Aquatherapy session in pool or sea
  • Sports Hydrotherapy
  • Group Aquatherapy in villas or hotels
  • Personal or group Aquatherapy in a thermal center

For more information and the catalog you can contact us by email: info@efzin.org, by phone +306983319644 and also on social media

We care about your health