30 min Massage

Back massage

It starts at the neck and reaches the top of the buttocks  

Massage Shoulders and chest

For those of you who feel tight shoulders and chest to relax  

Belly massage

It helps in the sensitivity of the intestine but also in the promotion of the abdominal  

Head Massage

It mainly involves the scalp and ears for relaxation after reading or work.

Facial massage

Massage all over the face and ears with essential oils for deep hydration 

Legs massage

It is done along each leg up to the toes with emphasis mainly on the upper part of the limb

Neck massage

Includes neck and neck massage when tight  

Hand massage

Massage from the shoulders to the fingers to relieve manual labor

Buttock Massage

Quite helpful in lifting the buttocks, the firmness but also in back pain

Feet Massage

One of the most soothing massage techniques improving microcirculation but also helping after a hard day at work

Children's Massage

For children under 15 years of age to relax after the exams and the stress of sports activities

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